Performance 2015-2005

Kreuztragung / Bearing of thre cross 2015

Bearing of the cross 2015
Performance 1,5 h
After my works PARADISE 2009 „, “The power of words” and “Washing in 2011 , I try to scrutinize the Christian charged words of hope, envy and greed.

This is now known privately in the form as a form of the cross being targeted in the Christian faith. Whether or not it will be used as a fashion detail within our culture remains to be seen.

This phenomenon to faith emotionality describes in short and concise lines the quoted work of the American poet Djuna Barnes. In 1916
she describes in one of her texts about Greenwich Village in New York:

„What a lovely reply nature has given us to design most of their mistakes lovable. Christianity seems to be a reprehensible experiment. What brings humans to tears as soon as they see two pieces of wood assembled together exhibiting a cross? „110 years have passed and the phenomenon with the emotionality of the cross of Jesus Christ is far less important even for Catholics. Yes, the cross is even subjected to strange influences. Many women and also some men carry the cross of silver and gold jewellery around their necks in a statement of commitment to Christianity and the Christian tradition.

I was so fascinated and committed to the cross, I wanted to immediately portray the cross as a fashion emblem. Is it okay that our world has become more superficial and it is not even holding a lot of debating for contemplating the volume of the cross? Within the confusion of Christianity, I saw the opportunity to express me religious fantasies through performance. My hope is that eventually the audience will have their own perception and opinions about my presentation.

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