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Aktuell: Museum für Photographie Braunschweig

08.12.2017 – 14.01.2018
Eintracht Zwietracht?? (Mitgliederausstellung)

be exhibited at treppenhausgalerie/akw in Bielefeld at Fr. 06.10. 2017 at 7.30 p.m.

All best wishes and a lot of joy with my art in the autumn season!

Iris R. Selke




Gefördert durch Action Mensch








2017 Außer der Reihe I Short Cut : Heimat – Identity  Museum für Photographie  Braunschweig, Allgemeiner Konsumverein, Stadt Bibliothek Wolkenbüttel


Das regionale Gedächtnis„On me way“ Germany,

2016 Frauen Diven Gender(2) Kurzfilm Programm Alma Mater- Alumnae-nee, 1#1 SITE-Events.

2015 „Holzwege“ Malerkapelle in Königslutter Malerkapelle am Elm

2014  9. Grafiktrienale Niedersachsen 29.Juni 2014 Weser Renaissance Schloss Bevern, Jahresausstellung  BBK Braunschweig 20 Juni 27. September 2014 „Intensivstation“ Braunschweig “Die Neuen In BBK” Braunschweig im Oktober “Art anatomy” 2014  Portraits Landscape Still live, PAErsche aktionslabor “spatio temporal nr.3 – Unterwegs Köln Germany

2013 Kunsthier und jetzt Performance Ms. Terminata

2012 OSLO SCREEN FESTIVAL  FRIDAY, MARCH 9TH Lecture ArtFem.TV: Art and Feminism ITV with Evelin Stermitz. “Verküngigung” Malerkapelle in Königslutter 25.05-10 Juni 2012 Malerkapelle am Elm / Königslutter, 16. Juni-15. Juli 2012: Martinikirche Braunschweig 20. Juli-01. September 2012: Nikolauskirche Lehrte, 07. September-30. September 2012: Marktkirche Goslar Germany. festival Elles Tournent from 20 – 23 September 2012, in Brussels, Belgium.

2011 Séquence court-métrage Toulouse Goethe Institut France Film , Bs Visite und Kunsthier und jetzt Performance 2 “Tribute to Caravaggio” Braunschweig Germany. Present Multiples and Preformance Art, Candis Art London UK.

2010 Vox Feminae 4, At Akc Medika Zagreb, Croatia, Kolektiva Institute Is The Producer Of The International Video Art Exhibition, Red: The Gendered Color In Frames, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Ix Festival Internacional De La Imagen, Centro Cultural Y De Convenciones Teatro Los Fundadores, Wie Künstlerinnen Sich Selbst Inszenieren – Zur Geschichte des Künstlerberufs und der Idee des schöpferischen, Uni Bielefeld Germany, Raum für Kunst und Stadtentwicklung, Hamburg Performance, Germany, Sea 2010 Ruhr Conference, P 37 Taking Action – Sociopolitics And Media, Video, L 110, Evelin Stermitz (At): Artfem.Tv. Feminist Artistic Infiltration Of A Male Net Culture In Context Of Art And Feminism And As Cyberfeminist Action. Volkshochschule Dortmund Germany Video. H O C H S E I L A K T E 10 Jahre Frauen Kunstforum-Owl E.V., „Künstlerinnen aus Owl im Kleinformat die Aktion 10 x 10 x 10 „ Im Rathaus der Stadt Bielefeld“ Germany. CIMUAT International Congress on Woman, Art and Technology in the New Public Sphere (Congreso Internacional Mujer, Arte y Tecnologia en la Nueva Esfera Publica), at the University of Valencia, Spain. Conference “Besides the Screen” at Goldsmiths University of London, UK.

2009 „kunst hier und jetzt“ Brauschweig Germany Performance, Marta Herford  „Hier And Anderswo“ Germany.

2008 Filmfest Anadoma Braunschweig Germany Film, Gedok Stuttgart Germany Performances, Kulturnacht Galerie 21 Braunschweig Film, Clinch / Cross / Cut – Team 404 & John Armleder – New Jersey, Basel, Videoart Festival Miden Personal, Identity, Film, Kalamata, Greece.

2007 Biennale Danza 5. Festival Internazionale Di Danza Contemporanea „Body & Eros“ Italy Performances, Venedig, Rassegna 25a Dell Acqua La “Chiena“  Italy, PI Performance & Intermedia Festivals Stettin Polen Kunstfilmfestival Düsseldorf Germany Film.

2006 2. Performance „ Springfluten“ Festival Schloss Salzau, Performances Germany, Film Internationaler Kongress „Re-Vision Der Zukunft“ Perspektiven Der Genderforschung, Braunschweig Performances Germany.

2005, Hebbel Theater Berlin Germany; „Gifted Generation – In The Hebbel Theater“; Performance Germany, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Holland „Persistent And Gradual Loss Of Self-Control”; Performance, 2 International Artist Aktion, Serbia Moenegro, ” The Transforming Of An Unknown City- Contact“; Performance, 19 Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig “Portrait Iris Selke”; Film Germany, Futura Prag Tschechische Republik; “Faxe Kondi”;Performances.

2004 Marta Herford „Nude With Skeleton“ Germany, Futura Prag Tschechische Republik; “Faxe Kondi”; Performance / Foto, Landesmuseum Braunschweig. Germany; “Creativity Explores, Risk In Plurality”; Performance, Film & Kunstfest Topmusik; Speyer, Germany; “Grande Filiale”; Film, Performance, Kino Fotographie Art Center, St.Petersburg Puschkinskja Russia; “1:1 Hoch 2“; Performance.

2003 Pac Milano, Italy; “As Soon As Possible – Performance Loop”; PerformanceBraunschweiger Photomuseum,“ Fremde. Orte. “;Venice Biennale, Italy; “Recycling The  Future”; Performance, Museum Fridericianum Kassel Germany; Performance, Performances Festival Odense DenmarkKunsthalle Liestal/Basel/Schweiz; „Never Mind Your Step+Yellow Pages+20“; FotoGallgo De Arte Muso Contemporanea, Santiago De Compostella, Spanien; Performance, Art Center St. Petersburg Puschkinskaja; Russia; Foto / Performance.

2002 Niedersächsische Landesvertretung, Schleswig-Holstein; „Common Ground1#“ ; Performance, Festung Franzensfeste, Brixen, Italy ; „Klangspuren“; Performance Germany, “Braunschweiger Kulturnacht”, Lot Theatre; Performance, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart; “Body Power Body Play”, Performance Germany, Gallery Via Farini , Milano, Italy; “Prêt A Perform”: Performance.

2001 Städtische Galerie Maichingen “Hommage An Martina Navratilova”; Performance ,Belgrad Skc Likovni Progamm “Real Present” Performance, Making A Territory” Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Irland; Performance, Städtisches Museum Zwickau;Freunde Aktueller Kunst E.V Sachsen Thüringen; Germany Performance, National Sculpture Factory, Opera House; Cork, Ireland; „Get The Balance“; Performance, Kunstwerke Berlin; „A Little Bit Of History Repeated“; Performance Germany, Öffentliche Plätze in Braunschweig; „ Glow“; Germany Performance.

2000 Safe As Milk Festival In Oslo; Film/ Performance, Hebbel Theater Berlin “Visibel Diverences”; Germany Performance, Stuttgart ” Passing Through 7x hoch”; Germany  Performance, Hannover Kunstraum 10; „Zustelle anders wo“;Germany Performance, Mönchehaus Museum, Goslar; “After Cindy”; Foto,Braunschweiger Landesmuseum “Anders” ; Germany Performance.


  1. How are you?
    Hope you do well and things around you going well too.

    We, Liane Ditzer and I will digitisate the inventory from the Black Kit performance art archiv. Strong work in the next months, years.
    Same time we determine the inventory oft the archive
    At moment, we have your DVD on the table:
    In your dossiers in the archive Black Kit could be other materials, photos, catalogues from your works.

    We will give all materials in the museums-library in Cologne (see attached paper). In this case I will ask about your permission to put your DVD and other material (flyer, catalogues, mails) in this gift for the museumslibrary.
    (The museums library need this rights from the artists).
    The archive Black Kit don’t stop the work. For artists and researcher exist furthermore the ability to come and do your research in the archive.
    Also we will hold electronic copies from your work for the research in the archive.
    The supporter fort he future could be the Museum-Library from Cologne

    No commercial thoughts in this present.
    Could be good and helpfull to give your permission for all work, which are in the archive.
    Please signed the attached paper and send it back to us.
    one question parallel: Do you have digitisate your videos? When yes, you have a link for this inventory which are digitisated.
    In this case, it needs not to digitisate it once more.
    For further development of this performance art archive an other friendly question:
    You are intersted to give some other documentations about your work in the archive?

    Have a good time and warm greetings
    Boris Nieslony

    + Liane Ditzer
    Please send the answer to her e-mail too

    Kommentar by boris Nieslony — 9. September 2017 @ 11:51

  2. Dear Liane, Dear Boris

    I am sorry for belated answers.
    Which museums-library you mean in cologne?
    Yes of course your could gave my DVD to museums-library in Cologne.
    Your leaving Germany for ever?

    I can`t see or open attachment in coments at me webside. Please can you send it
    again to this E_mail address.
    You asking me about pictures of performances PAErsch when I was invited?
    Be de way when was it 20??
    Yes, I made pictures … . Let me know if you want this picture, photography’s?!

    I send picture to Evamaria Schaller once.

    Send your picture of my new performance work to this e-mail adress:

    „Knitting a picture of a performance“

    Kommentar by iris — 5. Oktober 2017 @ 00:16

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