Performance 2015-2005

Human being

Human being 2005

This performance is a piece about the possible futuristic developments of creatures: from homo sapiens to human kind passing from a hybrid sort of evolutionary state. Conceived as a looped projection – made over the artist’s body – of different animal skeletons (taken from various Natural Museum of Natural History archives), the performance actually starts with the path the artist takes to reach the projection site. By assuming and alternating slowed down movements and plastic poses to fast springs and impulsive runs, the artist anticipates some of the positions inspired both by animals behaviour and attitudes and by human gestures which later on elaborates by laying down on the floor and capturing the skeletons’ images on her own body. The result is a clear and disenchanted vision of reality, a sort of step back to the origin of the human race in order to reconstruct the missing link between man and animal, a sort of reflection upon the path that humans made along years and eras to achieve the actual physical and mental progression. At the same time, it seems to be a kind of invitation to not forget where we come from and which is the natural evolution chain we belong to. This mixture of images, suggestions and in some way touching expressions that the artist embodies creates a sort of documentary film which gets the audience feeling involved. With my action, revealing a discreet and lucid sense of awareness, I intend to bring down the curtains which often cover the real side of life, presenting the human being for what it is, from the inside, and deprived of all kinds of which does not mean just physically naked but totally bared and shown in its universal shape, the one that makes everybody look the very same to one another. “The work “HUMAN BEING” was conceived during the summer workshop “Faxe Kondi – Artists in residence” in Trebesice Castle, Trebesice (Prague) on July 2005. The place (a castle immersed in nature and surrounded by country side topics and environments, as all sort of farm animals, vegetable garden, biological food etc.) suggested the artist to recover and re-discover the basic elements of life and the original cycle of it. This brought her to reflect about the linear equilibrium on which the entire natural system is based and to interpret and represent it in a performance piece.”
Curator Emanuela Nobile Mino
Photography: Susanne Winterlinng, Viola Yesiltac, Eugenio
Duration: 1 hour

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