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The agreement 2002

2002 THE AGREEMENT / Foto / Viola Yesiltac

The Agreement
In this performance I used a speech by Peter Müller, Premier of the state of Saarland, after the vote on the immigration law in the upper house of the German Bundestag. My interview partners shared my opinion unreservedly. I repeating the text for 2.5 h Photo Viola yesiltac
Performance Text The Agreement in
Peter Müller, quoted from the Panorama programmed broatcast on 28.03.2002
„ Politics as State Drama. Was it not that the case on Friday? On Friday, there were at least two possible scripts and perhaps politics is sometimes about conflict, such as which script is ultimately going to be used and according to which one will things ultimately proceed. There were no journalists there. They should have documented this indignation so that is what we did. You may of cause say that this is a piece of drama. And yes, it is drama. So does that mean politicians are actors? Well, yes, they are. And yes, politics is drama. If you want to communicate, you have to provide just a small amount of information. And that being the case, they have to make news. Without drama, there can be no news and the more drama there is, the greater the likelihood of news emerging. The indignation that was expressed there did not arise spontaneously. We orchestrated our indignation. But even political theater that begins in the best possible manner cannot replace proper content in long term. This is something politics must bear in mind: even in politics you can’t go on selling a sleeping tablet as a vitamin pill.Thank you very much.“

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