Film 1999-2005 / Dokumentation Performances

remember the good old times 2004

Remember the gode old times 2004
In EGON SCHIELE’s biography I read that SCHIELE spent time in prison. During the time he spent in the prison, he created some heads sculptures, which came out of his memories. I am interested in focusing on isolated situations which one might need to get back to one’s self consciousness and to concentrate on life. A field study in Braunschweig prison will support my research on psychological aspect of being isolated. Being an artist, I assume the need of isolated situation, which contribute to the exchange of processes, inserting of information, and its reflection to my position as artist. Silence is the moment of the inner voice. In this performance, an image of an isolated situation will be projected on a performance space. I intend to transform the positive concentrated level of an artistic process by realizing images coming from my memories into a performance. ‚I do not feel punished; rather purified‘; ‚To restrict the artist is a crime. “It is to murder germinating life.” 10 min (Egon Schiele)

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