Performance 2015-2005

makeing of tribune to Caravaggio 2010

In the performance „Tribute to Caravaggio“ I would like to intervene in the events in order to expand the two dimensional and three dimensional into a fourth dimension. With a scalpel, I medically open the skin, the canvas from behind allowing my body to become part of the scene where I join Caravaggio’s characters.
I would like to become part of the composition and get in contact with the models. I will add the factor of time, movement and interaction and Caravaggio’s friends and companions will bridge the time gap between the eras and share a moment with us.
With my active participation I cause a transformation in the image and consequently influence a space and time continuum. In this case time enters as the fourth dimension where metric A= E1 x E3 and μ ν must thus be a 4 x 4 – Matrix. The performance is the fourth part of the „Reconstruction of History“ series.
Photo: Gabi Borchert

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